Installing Triggerbuddy

You can download Triggerbuddy any time here. Subscription required to log in.

Supported operating systems

  • Windows 7
  • Windows 8 (desktop only)
  • Multi platform Web App coming soon

We recommend you have screen resolution of at least 1280 x 1024, however Triggerbuddy will work with lower resolution screens.

Registering and installing

You can register for Triggerbuddy on just about any device, but initially the application is only supported on Windows. Watch this space.

When you register, you’ll end up at a welcome page. If you’re on your PC, just click ‘Download’ and follow the simple instructions. We will also have sent you a welcome email with a download link, so you can install Triggerbuddy later if you wish. Installation usually takes around 5 minutes.

Once you install, start up the application and login – you’ll be taken to the console. You won’t have seen anything like it before, but don’t worry, Triggerbuddy’s really simple to configure and use.

The Console


Initial Alerts setup

Watch this short video about setting up Triggerbuddy for the first time:

NOTE: there are more videos about using Triggerbuddy on the ‘About’ Page

Default Alert Configuration

You can also configure how you want to be alerted on certain things. For instance you may want just a Quiet Popup if Economic Data values are within market expectations (Within Consensus), but a Loud Popup and an SMS* if there is a surprise on the figure.

Click on ‘Settings’ and select how you want to be alerted

Alert Triggers
TIP: Don’t forget you can always override your default alerts on any specific Economic Data announcement or Price level. This is useful say if you’re out and about but want to receive an SMS* only if consensus is missed on one particular announcement, or a certain price threshold is hit.

Also, you can select defaults for your Price Alerts, so when you select a new pair all you have to do is fill in your price threshold values.

You will receive Email or SMS* alerts on the email address and phone number you gave us during registration.

Alert Popups, and Countdowns

Alert Types

Types of Popup

An Alert Popup, is just that – a real time alert telling you that something important has just happened. You can choose loud popups (Red+plays an audible alarm) or quiet popups (grey and no alarm).

Economic Data Alerts

Don’t forget, economic data events can be configured to react differently according to the number announced, either via your default alerts box, or on any individual alert by double clicking the event in your calendar.

Just before an economic data announcement happens you’ll receive a 60 second, 30, 20, 10 countdown including the previous and consensus values when available.

Event Alert
An Economic Data countdown

Economic Data alerts happen in real time as the announcement is made, and contain the Pre, Cons, and the Actual figures. You’ll be alerted differently according to whether the Actual value is within consensus or not.

You’ll notice these two below are both ‘Loud’ Popups – as they both missed consensus. The user must have ticked Popup (Loud)

Economic Alert
Economic data alerts

Other Scheduled Events (speeches, interviews or press conferences)

Other events, such as speeches, interviews or press conferences are handled differently to Economic Data events. There won’t be a countdown, but as soon as the speech begins we’ll start sending you summary headlines of the most important things said, according to your alert configuration. These events always default to ‘Quiet Alert’.

TIP: We will also send any statement coming out of a press conference, speech or interview that we think is potentially market moving out as a ‘Hot News’ alert, which you’ll receive even if you haven’t added the event to your calendar.

Working with Price alerts

Configuring alerts

price alerts

Just type in the pair you’re interested in (eg’ ‘EURUSD’) and hit ‘New’.

A price alerts config box will appear

Price Alert configuration

Price level will alert you when either of the levels you have set is hit. You can create several Price Level alerts just by hitting the ‘New’ Button in the config box, and adding the required levels.

MACD crossover is a popular technical indicator that tells you when a price reversal has become more likely. By using the pulldown, you can choose ‘Either’ (meaning any MACD crossover), ‘Bullish’ (indicating the price is more likely to go up) or ‘Bearish’ (indicating the price is more likely to go down)

Price Level then MACD crossover This is a more sophisticated alert that looks for two things happening in a row. Firstly the price reaches a certain level, then a MACD crossover happens. This is when you believe there is a ceiling or floor at which point you would begin considering a trade, but only when MACD indicates a reversal has become more likely. You’ll receive the alert telling you the price level has been hit, followed by the MACD alert when the crossover occurs. Here’s a good overview of working with MACD

Price alert
Once you’ve configured your price alerts, they’re displayed in the console

Viewing, editing and deleting alerts

You can edit them either by clicking on the Blue pair to bring up the Price config box, or of you want to delete a specific alert, for instance a price level, you can just right click on it and delet.

Price Alert

Hot news, Other News and Tech tips

You’ll notice the ‘Hot News, Other News and Tech Tips buttons’. These simply control how, or if, you want to be alerted on news headlines or commentary. Just click on the button to configure how you’d like to be alerted. The buttons are green for ‘on’ and white for ‘off’, depending on whether you’ve configured alerts.

Hot News

What should I expect from each category

Hot News As the name implies is any news headline that we think could potentially have immediate market impact. You’d probably want this to be configured as ‘Loud Popups’, and maybe an SMS* or email if you’re out and about.

Other News A more chatty feed. As well as sending you relevant but less urgent news headlines, we’ll send you Links to some of the best news commentary articles as they’re published online.

Tech Tips: We’ll send you some of the best technical commentary articles as they’re published online.

Configuring alerts

You probably won’t change this configuration very often. It just tells us how you want to be alerted on the different types of news headlines, and tech tips. If you click on the Hot News button for instance, you’ll get the Hot news configuration box

Hot News Configuration

Just choose how you want us to send you Hot News headlines, hit save, and that’s it. The Hot News button should now be green.

Working with the Active Calendar

Editing and viewing events in the calendar

Your calendar contains events for the day colour coded by importance – low importance, medium importance, high importance. If you want to open up any of the events either to read commentary, or change your alert config for that event, just double click on it and the event will open. If you want to remove an event from your calendar, the quickest way is to just hover over it in the calendar and click on the ‘X’ that appears in the top right corner. You’ll also notice the red time bar so you can instantly see how long until the next announcement.


Once an event is in your calendar, you’ll receive live updates as that event happens according to your alerts configuration. As well as alerting you, the calendar will also populate itself with the Economic Data values as they come in.


Installation Problems

If you see a message that the application was unable to install as it requires .NET 4.5, you are probably on an unsupported operating system. Make sure that you are on a PC using windows 7 or 8. The Triggerbuddy installer automatically installs all pre-requisites such as .NET 4.5 as long as you are on a supported Windows version.

If you are on a PC using windows 7 or 8, and unable to install, please contact us either via the ‘contact’ page on or email us at

Not receiving alerts/alerts coming in slow

If your alerts seem to be coming in slowly, especially the Economic Data announcements, check that your PC isn’t busy doing something else, for instance a virus scan, which can slow down application performance, including Triggerbuddy’s. The best way to do this is to look at the Performance tab in Windows Task Manager. If your CPU usage is constantly at 10% or more, something is keeping your PC busy.

Be aware that with some announcements, even though they are expected at a certain time, occasionally the data source will release a number late or early.

If you’re not receiving alerts, check that you are seeing a Green ‘Connected’ symbol as opposed to the red ‘Disconnected’. Also check your alerts configurations.

If you are seeing the Green ‘Connected’ symbol but not receiving any alerts restart the Triggerbuddy application.

If you’re still having problems, please contact us either via the ‘contact’ page on or email us at

Don’t forget we won’t be constantly sending you alerts the whole time, just when there’s something worth sending!

Economic data countdowns too soon/too late

The coundown feature for economic data announcements uses your local system time, therefore, ensure that your PC time is correct. The best way to do this is to ensure your PC’s clock is syncing with internet time.

Not receiving Email alerts

When you sign up for Triggerbuddy, we send you a ‘welcome’ email. If you did not receive the email and it’s not in your junk folder, it’s likely you have entered your email address incorrectly when you registered.

If it’s in junk make sure you configure your email client to trust emails from

Contact Triggerbuddy

We always appreciate your feedback. You can also contact us via the feedback button on the app.