Triggerbuddy is a News and Tech Levels alerts tool that provides you with the realtime information you need to trade, and delivers it in a way that you choose.


Powered by ThomsonReuters

Powered by ThomsonReuters, Triggerbuddy is a new type of Realtime News and Signals feed that provides you with comprehensive, up to the second FX, Metals and Equities coverage via desktop popups, emails and SMS - according to your preference.

Created to be used by active day traders, Triggerbuddy is designed to remove the noise and confusion of traditional news feeds, providing you with only the most relevant high quality real time information.

Consensus Aware Pop Ups Email alerts to any device SMS to any mobile

Be Ready. Every time.

'Triggerbuddy offers the means to gain a critical edge in the world’s fastest moving financial market' - THE SUNDAY TIMES

Triggerbuddy’s pop up system is simple ingenious and smart.  At a glance, I get all the necessary information. It’s really helpful to scan all the markets. Congrats!!! I’m addicted

Pro trader Julien Montiero used Triggerbuddy to help him win the ‘Friday Forex’ competition in Paris

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You will get:

  • Live countdowns and coverage of economic data announcements, press conferences, speeches and interviews.
  • Global economic news headlines as soon as they hit the wires.
  • Configurable FX + Metals Price and Tech alerts.

What our users are saying

  • Guys this is great. You have cut my time in half looking through news and other informative sites I always visited. Your news flashes have helped me to trade respectively and increased profits. So far am finding Trigger buddy a must have tool for traders. Up to date and constant relevant information is a must and this software dose exactly that. Am very impressed.
  • - Tony Mills | Independent Forex trader, Australia. 25th march 14
  • It is nice to trade and not worrying about releases on other sites, the Triggerbuddy gives you the releases and up to the second news you want and need to trade’… Triggerbuddy, we will be friends for a long time!
  • - Carl Schmidt | Independent Forex trader, Germany. 3rd may, 2014
  • This is a great app for forex news traders. Even if you don't trade the news it keeps you informed of the latest market related news developments.
  • - Kevin | Independent Forex Trader, UK. 3rd april 2014
  • Fresh and innovative! I’m a daytrader and I need a reliable news flow and stats system to manage my trading positions in real time. Trigger buddy pop ‘up system is simple ingenious and smart. At a glance, I got all the necessary information. It’s really helpful to scan all the markets. Congrats!!! I’m addicted….
  • - Julien Montiero, MJ Trading, Friday Forex competition winner in Paris
  • I think your concept is great… I was a currency trader at CME and later a money manager (partially in Forex) so I know something about trading off news and stats.
  • - Doug Chorna - CEO, Derivatives Bridge LLC, USA
  • Triggerbuddy in THE SUNDAY TIMES
    Triggerbuddy was reviewed in the The Sunday Times as part of an article ‘Apps give day traders an edge’ written by deputy editor of the money section, Ruth Emery. The article confirmed Triggerbuddy as one of the best tools for day traders. In the article Triggerbuddy was road-tested and compared to other offerings – the Times concluded that Triggerbuddy was not only good value, but gave the user a clear competitive edge
  • - You can read the full Sunday Times article from the 14th march 2014 here


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